Trios 4 Pod

Trios 4 Pod

Trios 4 Pod

Advanced. Extra potential

Advanced wireless intraoral scan technology expanded for even better treatment options.


Enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning with TRIOS SHARE - or just plug in. Benefit from instant-heat technology in our next-generation SmartTips – you’ll be scan-ready in seconds. And stay ahead of it all – from wear-and-tear to caries - in conjunction with the TRIOS Patient Monitoring app. You’ll make a great impression every time!


Wired and wireless in one

Enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning. Or just plug in. Two-in-one scanning combines the freedom of wireless dentistry with the reassurance of a cord. All with the convenience of a scanner that keeps on going thanks to a leap in battery time.


revolution in tip technology

The tip of the scanner is where most of the magic happens. It's where your impression data is captured, so it needs to be rock-solid. Revolutionizing this part of the scanner is what we focused on for our fourth generation scanner.

Scan-ready in seconds

Imagine you don’t need to wait for your scanner to be ready to use. With the use of InstantHeat technology, our fourth-generation scanner tips ensure the mirror inside the tip heats quickly, and no fog (caused by the patient’s breath) will compromise your scan accuracy.

Built-in counter

TRIOS 4 tips come with a built-in counter: it counts the number of times your scanner has been autoclaved, so you know when it’s time to buy new tips. Also, it will let you know when it’s time for a re-calibration, so that your tip is always working at its best capacity.